Intriguing Animal Facts You Might Have Never Heard Of

It is stupefying to reflect on a huge number of animals that exist in the globe. Each animal has its own distinctiveness and deeds that set it apart from the rest. The more an individual learns about creatures, the more he/she will be amazed by the skills, sheer radiance, physical abilities and some of the interesting facts that animals possess.

Read on to some interesting, amazing, unbelievable facts you might have never heard of animals:


– Do you wish to fly high in the sky? Wish it could be fulfilled! The only mammal that can fly is none other than bat.
– You will definitely surprise by it that elephant can munch about 18 hours in a day.
– There are almost 100 stripes over the tiger’s fur and no two tigers have the same stripes.
– Starfish don’t die until get consumed or met with accidents.
– The common housefly is called as the most hazardous creature on the earth as they spread more infections than any other creature.
– The frog’s eyes remained open while sleeping.
– The teeth of sharks are changed after every 10 days.
– Gorillas can live up to 35 years in the wilderness of the forest.
– Giraffe can run 50 km in an hour.
– The only creature that can’t hop is an elephant.
– The Cheetah is the smallest among the big cats.
– A dragonfly can live up to 24 hours.
– A goldfish’s memory lasts for 3 seconds.
– Rabbit and parrot are the two animals that can look at the back without turning their heads.
– A giraffe’s tongue is 53 centimeters in length.
– A cockroach can breathe for quite a few weeks after its head has been chopped off.
– A hippo weighs between 5000 to 8000 pounds.
– A couple of Lions can mate 40 times in a day.
– A hippopotamus loves to spend a time undersea.
– Tarantulas can survive for 2 years without having foodstuff.
– The cricket’s ears are situated on the front side of the legs.
– Birds only take a nap in their nests; for proper sleep they choose other locations.
– Of all creatures, a shark lays the largest eggs.
– The stirring fact that the elephant is the only animal that sheds tears.
– Dolphins don’t swallow aquatic water, if they do, then it will make them sick.
– Sloths spend most of their time in napping or sleeping.

There are loads and loads more fascinating facts about animals that will surprise and amaze the children, youth and wildlife buffs. Stay glued!