6 Most Popular Tigers Living in India

Tigers are no doubt wonderful wild beings but since their population is declining across the world, they have become even more popular amongst wildlife lovers. We ourselves cannot deny the fact that most of us visit a national park especially in India to get a glimpse of these big cats. A single glance from a tiger is enough to elicit happiness amongst wildlife junkies. There are a few tigers in India that have become larger than life and have become popular for their survival instincts, their legendary fights and their ever so popular family lineage. These tigers have been on the cover photos of international magazines and part of popular international wildlife documentaries. Here are 6 tigers that are labeled most popular in India.

With Increase in Tiger Population in India, Tourists Thronging Tiger Reserves in Huge Numbers

Tiger Census Data Report

An official statement from Indian government stating a significant increase in tiger population has resulted in more and more wildlife lovers heading towards tiger reserves all over the country. As per the latest tiger census, the population of tigers has gone up by 30% from 1706 in 2010 to 2226 currently. The demand of visiting tiger reserves had been low for the past few months, but now that the enthusiasts know about this rise in the number of big cats, the percentage of queries has increased by 40%.

The Habitats of Bengal Tiger in Asia

"They are dangerous, yet beautiful; they are predators, yet royal. Their roar dares you to come face to face, and you accept it just to witness their grace. They are the Royal Bengal Tigers, the majestic beasts of the woods.”

Known for their swagger, the Bengal Tigers (Panthera Tigris Tigris) not only rule over the forest, but also on the hearts of every wildlife enthusiast. These magnificent striped cats are found only in the Asian countries. Though India is said to possess the maximum number of the Panthera Tigris Tigris, there are a few other nations namely Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan that also hold the pride of owning smaller populations of the big cats.

Why You Should Explore the Wildlife in India?

India has a unique diversity of wildlife. There is a rich range of exotic animals waiting to flaunt their moves and win your heart. Visit India to explore the richness in diversity!

India is a well diversified country, be it its landscapes, people, culture, traditions or even rich bio diversity. The visitors on their visit to this marvellous nation are enchanted after witnessing some of the rarest species of flora and fauna. It is certainly a great country to cherish   the unique timberland experience. It is the topography, which is solely to be praised for the exclusive variegation of multifariousness present throughout the country.