Interesting Facts About Tigers That You Never Knew

Tigers, scientifically known as Panthera Tigris, are the most majestic and impressive creatures and especially in India the popularity and value of this species is at a greater extent being the national animal of India. Majority of people coming to India for wildlife tour seek for tiger tour at different sanctuaries and national parks.

Experiencing a tiger tour in India is energetic and informative in every respect and so knowing it completely is more thrilling. Before planning for a tiger tour in India, complete information about this gallant creature is really rewarding, so you can get to know it more closely.

We have assembled some of the most important facts that probably you never know about Panthera Tigris. Let us explore them deeply here:

Interesting Facts about Tigers

– The tigers belong to the member of cat family where the biggest can be even 700 Ib
– The tigers are the part of the Felidae family and are highly adaptable and can be found anywhere from the Siberan taiga to the tropical mangrove swamps to grasslands
– Basically nine subspecies of tigers can be found in the world like the Bengal tigers, the Indo-Chinese tigers, the Malayan tiger, the Sumatran tiger, the Siberian tiger and the South China tiger; out of which the Siberian tiger is the biggest of all the nine sub-species
– Tigers are best known for their attractive strips and more interestingly they have more than 100 stripes on their body which are all unlike to each other. They are found with yellow to orange with black stripes differently at different regions

– Generally the tigers are seen in orange, white, black and even blue in color where the blue tigers are the rarest while out of these 3 colors white is most popular
– Tiger’s roar can be heard from over a mile away
– The average tiger can eat upto 60 pound of meat at a single time
– A tiger is basically diurnal that means its peak active time are dawn and dusk
– The tiger labels its territory by pissing (urinating) at trees and bushes in the territory area and also leaves the scratches of its paw marks on the barks of the trees
– The tiger’s canine teeth can grow up to five inches long, capable enough of crunching through the spine of any creature and is used for killing, ripping and holding
– The tendon of the tiger is considered very strong. Even if it is shot dead it will be seen standing for some time due to its strength in its legs
– The saliva of the tigers is served as antiseptic that cicatrize the wounds after licking and cleaning
– Some research discovered that tiger stripes are indistinct leopard spots that changed while going to Asia. Leopards are found in Asia but experts say that they were first seen in Europe then moved to Asia

– This is the reason; one can notice the tiger’s face with the marks of its madder, the leopard

The most gigantic predator that eats even buffalo deer, wild pigs, and other large mammals and are mostly nocturnal at night, is really so interesting to know it completely. The one and only most popular creature in India which is ironically categorized asendangered, needs some kind of attention, love and care. And knowing its features, habits and characteristic will definitely bring great affection and emotion for this royal creature of India.

So, this time if you are planning for a visit to India, do come at our glorious national parks that proudly behold the royal tigers in their vicinity. You will surely get impressed with its majestic moves and hunting enigmas.

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