What You Can Do to Help Save Tigers

Save Tiger Poster

As a matter of fact, tigers are the top predator in the food chain that keeps the eco-system going in the tropical jungles of Asia. Due to human misdeeds, these wild creatures including tigers are in danger of extinction. Cutting trees, polluting air, rise in poaching and much more are the human deeds that impact the tiger species. There are several ways for saving tigers in which few of the simplest ways you can adopt to save the Indian tiger from becoming extinct. Those measures are as follows:

Create Awareness: The tiger species is in danger and only excessive awareness programs can save the species. Everybody can help if they did their part. You could help as well, all you have to do is to make posters or fliers illustrating about the significance of tigers on the planet earth. Our small efforts can bring awareness among locals, which makes a lot of difference.

Poaching: Hunting of tigers is legally banned throughout the country. This step has been taken because selling tiger skin or any other body parts is the biggest reason why the Tigers are going extinct. If you know somebody who is involved in Indian tiger hunting then it is your duty to report the officials.

Support a Cause: You might have come across of several programs that are running to save the tiger. You should take part in it and support their cause as it can bring the awareness among the people. You could also start your own blog on how to save the tigers or a save tiger campaign, it will really educate the people.

Stop the use of Goods made of Tiger Skin: You should stop using those goods that are made of tiger skin. Also please don’t use the medicine made out of the tiger’s body parts. On an average one wild tiger is killed each day for profit killing.

Forest Protection: It is required and a very necessary step to make as we need to save the tigers. Saving the natural habitat will ultimately help us in saving tigers. You can also plant as much tree as possible. Your small contribution can make a lot of difference.

There were almost eight species of tigers on the planet earth. However, three of them are already extinct. We should be making efforts to save the rest five species. There have been several ongoing campaigns for saving the tigers started by NDTV, Aircel and so on. As a common person we need to take a few steps, which can make a lot of difference. Our awareness will bring the revolutionary changes in the current situations.