Best Forest Lodges to Stay in Jim Corbett Park

Jim Corbett National Park, set in the foothills of magnificent Himalayas in Uttarakhand, is an Eden for wildlife aficionados in the country. Endowed with an unsurpassed opulence of nature, the park has a wide-ranging wildlife and engrossing landscape. The first tiger reserve in the country and first national park in India, Corbett, is a harbinger in conserving the flora and fauna species that are on the verge of extinction.

The park is certainly a delight to the eyes of wildlife buffs. Moreover, Corbett offers several snug forest lodges that are apt places for comfortable and luxurious stay as well. The forest lodges in Corbett are designed to bring the comprehensive settings for the visitors according to their needs and taste. These lodges render tourists with comfortable table accommodation in the midst of natural exquisiteness. Some of the best forest lodges in Jim Corbett National Park are..

Forest Lodge in Dhikala Zone

Situated on the fringe of Patli Dun Valley, Dhikala Zone is certain bliss for wildlife buffs. The zone has Kanda Peak in the ambiance and boasts copious channels of River Ramganga. The zone renders picturesque vistas of the valley. The major forest lodges in Dhikala Zone are as follows:

Dhikala Forest Lodge

Dhikala Forest LodgeThis lodge is highly popular among the tourists. Positioned at the fringe of Patli Dun Valley, Dhikala Forest Lodge has Ramganga River flowing in copious channels from it. The lodge is placed at a distance of 30 kilometers from Dhangarhi Gate in Dhikala Zone of the park. This snug accommodation option offers the breathtaking vistas of flora and fauna. The accommodation experience here is something simply unforgettable. Forest Department runs this lodge to serve the varied accommodation needs of wildlife lovers in the park.

Khinnanauli Forest Lodge

Outfitted with all the basic facilities, Khinnanauli Forest House is positioned in the midst of Khinnanaulichaur. It is one of the most recently constructed restorative homes in Corbett National Park. This lodge is popular for offering jaw-dropping site of tigers and thus, it is an ideal accommodation option for the wildlife lovers in quest of spotting tiger. The tactical position of Khinnanauli Lodge tenders a simple getaway to the different parts of Corbett.

Sarapduli Forest Lodge

Sarapduli Forest LodgeThis forest lodge is positioned downstream from Gairal on Dhangarhi-Dhikala Road. It is situated on the southern bank of Ramganga River. The chances to spot the large mammals like elephant and tigers are very high from the resort. The lodge also offers the vistas of crocodiles and various avifauna species as well. The scenic surroundings of the lodge make the stay of the guesty worth cherishing.

Sultan Forest Lodge
03The oldest forest lodge in Jim Corbett National Park, Sultan Forest Lodge is named after Sultan, which is a seasonal stream flowing through this region. Positioned inside the park, this lodge is at a distance of 10 kilometers from Dhangari Gate. Sultan Forest Lodge is the first accommodation option that comes en route while driving from Dhangarhi to Dhikala. This lodge is located in the opaque forest and renders a relaxing accommodation to the visitors.

Gairal Forest Lodge

 Gairal Forest LodgeThis cozy forest lodge is located on the bank of Ramganga River near the first entrance gate of the park. The lodge can be easily reached through Dhangarhi Dhikala Road. The visitors prefer this snug lodge by virtue of its appealing location. The tourists can savor the gripping vistas of exotic flora and fauna prevailing in the park. The exquisite hills cosset the Gairal providing tranquil and stunning sojourn to the guests.

Kanda Forest Lodge

The highest forest lodge in Jim Corbett National Park, Kanda Forest Lodge is positioned in the north side of the park. The lodge being located at an intriguing height offers tourists an advantage of experimenting and finding the images of the entire valley with Ramganga Point Angle. The lodge offers the tourists soothing climate that paves a way for a congenial stay. The true feeling of Himalayas can be felt while staying Kanda forest Lodge.

Major Facilities in Forest Lodges of Dhikala

– Well-appointed and gracefully designed rooms
– Purely vegetarian buffet course at the on-site restaurant located in Dhikala Tourist Complex
– General story for purchasing necessary items
– Library

Forest Lodge in Bijrani Zone

The opaque woods, immense grasslands and astonishing flora & fauna species make Bijrani a startling zone of Corbett. At the times of Imperial Rule, this zone used to be the famous hunting ground for the rich people. At present, this zone is a peerless spot to view wildlife. The tourist can participate in morning and evening safari while enjoying the cozy accommodation in Bijrani. The major forest lodges in this zone are:

Malani Forest Lodge

Malani Forest LodgeThis comforting forest lodge positioned at a distance of 12 kilometers from the northwest of Bijrani. Malani Forest Lodge is on the central zone of Jim Corbett National Park and delights the tourists with awe-inspiring panoramas. Situated on the fringe of the core zone of Corbett, the lodge offers tourists the amazing vistas of tigers roaming in woods. Other fauna species that can be spotted from the lodge are leopard, black beer, deer, sloth bear, etc.

Bijrani Forest Lodge

Bijrani Forest LodgeLocated strategically at the core zone of Jim Corbett National Park, Bijrani Forest Lodge offers the tourists an astounding vista of mammals, reptiles and other assorted species of flora and fauna. Spotting tigers, black bear, sloth bear, leopard, etc from this relaxing lodge is something that remains etched in the minds of the guests forever.

Major Facilities in Forest Lodges of Bijrani

– Comfortable accommodation
– Airy and hygienic rooms
– Solar light provided from 6PM to 9PM
– Canteen serving home-style cooked scrumptious food

Forest Lodge in Jhirna Zone

Positioned in the southern borderline of Jim Corbett National park, Jhirna Zone was once a man-animal conflict area. This zone is especially famous for bird-watching opportunities and spotting tigers. The zone is endowed with abundant wildlife and remains open throughout the year as well. The major forest lodge in Jhirna Zone is:

Jhirna Forest Lodge

Jhirna Forest LodgeLocated in the interiors of the southern limit of Corbett, Jhirna Forest Lodge is a snug accommodation positioned on Ramnagar-Kalagarh Road. The lodge lies in the east-west side of the park. This forest lodge was an agriculture village in past and came under the perimeter of Project Tiger region in 1994. Lush woods of bamboo envelope the hills in northern side of the Jhirna Zone of Corbett. The tranquil backdrop of the lodge offers the opportunity to spot copious wildlife species as well.

Major Facilities in Forest Lodges of Jhirna

– Meticulously designed rooms with all the basic amenities
– Pocket-friendly and safe accommodation
– Relaxing stay for the visitors

Staying in any of the major forest lodges in Corbett brings an absolute contentment and peaceful moments that keep the fatigue away.