Corbett Fixed Departure Tour for October Extended Weekend

Corbett National Park Fixed Departure Tour

Jim Corbett National Park has always fascinated wildlife lovers and enthusiasts as it is a famous abode of the Royal Bengal Tigers. In addition, it is also home to bears, deer, sloth, jackal and a number of other animals. What more? You also get to see birds like crested serpent eagle, junglefowl and blossom-headed parakeet. If you are looking forward to rendezvous with the fauna of this park, the 2nd October long weekend would be an appropriate time. The reason is we are organizing Corbett fixed departure tour for all those willing to spend some quality time observing the behaviour of wild animals in their natural habitat. In addition to marvelling at wildlife, you can relish the natural charm of the region that is sure to soothe your senses. Some important details of this fixed departure tour are mentioned below:

Celebrate Independence Day with Special Resort Packages at Corbett National Park

Looking for a perfect place to spend this Independence Day? Then travel to a place where vast grasslands breathing in the tang of nature, various rides bringing you close to the untouched places, famous wildlife creatures and so many fun-filled activities await your arrival at the most renowned Jim Corbett National Park. Perched in the foothills of Himalayas in the Nanital district of Uttarakhand, it is amongst the oldest national parks in India. It is a place where you are sure to catch a glimpse of the king of the forest and that is Tiger. Created as the Hailey national park in 1936 and later got changed into Jim Corbett in respect of the famous hunter (Jim Corbett) turned environmentalist in 1956, the park is stretched over a diverse landscape encompassing marshes, woods, rivers and mountains

Explore the Exclusive Wildlife Extravaganza through Jim Corbett Tour Packages

A Jim Corbett Tour should definitely be on the cards for all - nature lovers or not. A tour of this fantastic sanctuary will definitely change any negative thoughts you might have harbored earlier. The flowing lush lines of trees in the deciduous forest, the songs of the birds and the excitement of spotting animals in wildlife will make you fall in love. If you are yearning for a small break that will allow you to get away from all the mad hustle and bustle of life, one of the Corbett weekend packages will be the ideal getaway. Since it is situated in the Nainital district it is very well connected and easy to reach from all over India.