Why Corbett Elephant Safari is a Cool Option for Wildlife Lovers?

A wildlife safari tour is the most fascinating activity that everyone would vehemently try to achieve with the India wildlife tour. And when we talk about the elephant safari, the excitements heighten to greater extents.  Corbett, being the most wonderful and demanding national park in India, offers a wonderful elephant ride along the lush foliages and tough trails of the reserve area to catch the majestic glimpses of the wild creatures.  Being spread at an area of 520 sq km, the Jim Corbett Park in India is the ultimate choice for an elephant safari by most of the enthusiastic wildlife lovers.

Corbett Elephant Safari is the ultimate choice for most of the tourists and since we have the best reasons for that, more and more wildlife lovers will love it and will give themselves a fair chance of enjoying an elephant ride amidst the Corbett jungles. Here are the top reasons why people love to enjoy the Corbett Elephant Safari in India for a wonderful safari experience:

– Being one of the most giant and majestic creatures, an elephant ride brings a safe and clear visit to the wild creatures in the dense jungles. The tourists can find a clear vision of the wild species even if they are hidden into the deep bushes and trees. Similarly, an elephant ride also enables to catch the rarest species of avi-faunas, chirping high on the trees
– An elephant ride is safer in every respect, as its giant structure keeps all the endangered species away from it and we can catch them from the safer distance
– Unlike motor vehicles, an elephant ride takes you to tough terrains safely where the motor vehicles are not allowed to ply or probably cannot reach there
– Definitely, an elephant ride is free from the mechanical roar of a car or jeep, and brings an astounding experience of feeling oneself open to the skies accompanied by the rhythmic scuffs of elephant’s feet
– An elephant ride/safari majestically brings a mix of long periods of utter peace interspersed with moments of pure terror but remember, you are certainly safe on its huge and high back
– An elephant safari will take you through the mysterious thick forests, deep valleys and the rugged trails that offer a lingering thrill to the adventure seeker which is almost impossible with the motor vehicles.

Elephant Safari at Corbett National Park

So, are you ready now for the tremendous fun rolling around you? With Corbett Elephant Safari, the joy of experiencing the wildlife tour in India and especially in Corbett Tiger Reserve will get doubled and you can take great memories of the jungle experience along with you. Contact at + 91-9212777224/9212553176 now at for further details of elephant safari and we will assist you with every relevant arrangements and services well in advance.