International Tiger Day: Signifying the Need of Tiger Conservation

International Tiger Day, celebrated every year on 29th of July, targets to bring into the attention that the big cats are on the brink of extinction and it is a duty of all of us to get our act together and conserve this epitome of wilderness from disappearance. Several factors like climate change, habitat loss, extensive poaching and hunting, caused a great fall in tiger population. Considering alarming data regarding tiger population, it is important for us to put our sheer efforts in order to save tigers; or else we will end up with a world where there will be only the stories of beautiful big cats meandering proudly in the woods, roaring like a beast, and hunting its prey like a doyen. What a shame it will be!

International Tiger Day

Showing a brighter side, there are numerous national parks and wildlife reserves around the blue planet trying to conserve tigers along with providing them natural habitats to live in. It, by no means, denotes that we are free from any accountability towards tiger conservation. Every individual is equally responsible. Thus, on this International Tiger Day, let’s join hands to save this wild species from being extinct and ensure a safe and prideful roaming of the regal beasts in their natural abodes.