Five Things to Keep in Mind When Going on Wildlife Safari!

Earlier, “The expression “wildlife safari” was associated with the huge game hunts. Thankfully, presently individuals are no longer interested in hunting the wildlife but they prefer to “observe” and capture (on camera) all the small and big creatures in their habitats. This serves the opportunity of sightseeing. Safari experiences are varied, ranging from walking safaris, guided safaris, fly-in safaris, jeep safaris to the more specialized ones, namely, camel safaris, elephant safaris, river safaris, horse safaris, accessible safaris, photographic safaris, balloon safaris. The meaning of safari in Swahili is the “long journey”. Wildlife safari is not just any standard experience, but an extraordinary experience. It is a real thing, the animals are actually living there and you are going to find them and click their picture. The experience is far different from any zoo, where also a wide array of animals is housed.

Visiting Corbett during Monsoon: Why is it a Perfect Travel Idea?

Corbett National Park

With monsoon being at its peak, it is an obvious question to come in mind whether visiting Corbett during the showers is apt or not. There are misconceptions among the tourists that the park remains closed during monsoon. This misconception of park being close can confine a wildlife lover from getting drenched in natural exquisiteness at the times of shower when the woods become cleaner & vivacious and the sky turn blue to enhance the loveliness of the ambiance. Visitors are allowed to enter the Jhirna Zone because of heavy rainfall; all the other zones of the park are closed. A tourist can enjoy delightful and memorable time in Jhirna Zone and its buffer areas during monsoon season.

Enjoy a Luxury Stay at Corbett Leela Vilas this Monsoon at just 2222 INR Per person!

Corbett National Park is a great place to be in monsoon. Diverse variety of exotic flora and fauna species in the midst of paramount tranquility is all what a wildlife lover and nature enthusiast craves for. What can be a better delight than blending the tour to Corbett with a luxurious and cozy stay? To render you a relaxing accommodation at a reasonably affordable price, Corbett Leela Vilas offers a stay at just 2222 INR per person. For an outstanding and regal stay in the proximity to Corbett National Park, Corbett Leela Vilas is a place that can be compared to none. Positioned among the lush surrounding of woods, Corbett Leela Vilas is situated in the buffer zone of park near Bijrani Gate and is encircled by the verdant fauna. The cottages offered by us render absolute and comfort to both the international and national tourists.

Top 7 Destinations in Uttarakhand You Must Visit during Monsoon

Monsoon showers are on and most of the people confine themselves in their homes. On the other hand, it is the time for travel junkies to set their feet free. If you fall in the same league, there are no limits for options for you in India. Uttarakhand, a beautiful hilly state in North India calls the tourists to explore its loveliness in downpour. Brimming with several monsoon destinations, Uttarakhand is a perfect palace for you to enjoy the rainy season in the best possible way. Here are top destinations of Uttarakhand that you may choose to visit during monsoon:

International Tiger Day: Signifying the Need of Tiger Conservation

International Tiger Day, celebrated every year on 29th of July, targets to bring into the attention that the big cats are on the brink of extinction and it is a duty of all of us to get our act together and conserve this epitome of wilderness from disappearance. Several factors like climate change, habitat loss, extensive poaching and hunting, caused a great fall in tiger population. Considering alarming data regarding tiger population, it is important for us to put our sheer efforts in order to save tigers; or else we will end up with a world where there will be only the stories of beautiful big cats meandering proudly in the woods, roaring like a beast, and hunting its prey like a doyen. What a shame it will be!

Best Places for Budget Vacation near Delhi

Planning for a vacation near Delhi but have limitations in budget? You will feel happy to know that there are several destinations offering a delightful trip near Delhi and that too within your means. Touring is not always about burning a hole in pocket. Through bit of research and proper planning, you can enjoy a wonderful and affordable tour to these destinations. Let us explore the list comprising some of the best places for budget vacation near Delhi.