Corbett Fixed Departure Tour for October Extended Weekend

Corbett National Park Fixed Departure Tour

Jim Corbett National Park has always fascinated wildlife lovers and enthusiasts as it is a famous abode of the Royal Bengal Tigers. In addition, it is also home to bears, deer, sloth, jackal and a number of other animals. What more? You also get to see birds like crested serpent eagle, junglefowl and blossom-headed parakeet. If you are looking forward to rendezvous with the fauna of this park, the 2nd October long weekend would be an appropriate time. The reason is we are organizing Corbett fixed departure tour for all those willing to spend some quality time observing the behaviour of wild animals in their natural habitat. In addition to marvelling at wildlife, you can relish the natural charm of the region that is sure to soothe your senses. Some important details of this fixed departure tour are mentioned below:

Human Survival Depends Largely on Wildlife Existence. Know Why!!


Are you glad that we are talking about this on a Travel Site? Well, as a traveller who hopes to see the charismatic world, you should be happy that we raised this issue. Here’s how this issue cropped in the teeny-weeny brain of mine (yeah, even girls think!), I was writing a blog on Corbett National Park and I needed to check the species of flora and fauna found in this oldest reserve in India, I marveled at the digits that I saw and then BAM! The thought just hit me that why do we have the need of preserving the wildlife? I mean we are setting protected boundaries for what was once unbridled! Categorizing wildlife species into endangered, threatened and lower at risk headers, voicing against poaching and promoting organic clothing…AND questions remain why are we doing all this? Why is there a need for conservation and why are there so many wildlife reserves? More importantly are we becoming conscious or are we getting insecure?

Few Things Human Being Should Learn from Wildlife


The enhanced faculties of the mind have brought man to a raised ground from which it looks down upon rest of the living forms residing on the planet earth. Man’s desire to gain power and control has also made him somewhat in disharmony with nature. Animals on the other hand are more in tune with nature; they mould themselves according to the changes in the environment. This adaptive personality of animals has made them stronger, and more insightful of their surroundings and natural phenomena.

Top 10 Adventure Activities in and around Jim Corbett

Jim Corbett National Park is an eminent national park of India. It is positioned in the beautiful state of Uttarakhand. The park has the honor of being the first national park in Asia. It stretches across 512 square kilometers of marshy and mountainous expanses. Two gorgeous rivers Ramganga and Kosi offer a new stature to Corbett’s exquisiteness.

Corbett national park is a second name of escapade. An adventure freak can enjoy here many hair rousing activities like safaris, bridge slithering, fishing and angling and river rafting. This protected area is the dream destination of all adventure hunters. One can say that Corbett is the superlative mishmash of loveliness, adventure, wildlife and fun.

The Habitats of Bengal Tiger in Asia

"They are dangerous, yet beautiful; they are predators, yet royal. Their roar dares you to come face to face, and you accept it just to witness their grace. They are the Royal Bengal Tigers, the majestic beasts of the woods.”

Known for their swagger, the Bengal Tigers (Panthera Tigris Tigris) not only rule over the forest, but also on the hearts of every wildlife enthusiast. These magnificent striped cats are found only in the Asian countries. Though India is said to possess the maximum number of the Panthera Tigris Tigris, there are a few other nations namely Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan that also hold the pride of owning smaller populations of the big cats.

Why You Should Explore the Wildlife in India?

India has a unique diversity of wildlife. There is a rich range of exotic animals waiting to flaunt their moves and win your heart. Visit India to explore the richness in diversity!

India is a well diversified country, be it its landscapes, people, culture, traditions or even rich bio diversity. The visitors on their visit to this marvellous nation are enchanted after witnessing some of the rarest species of flora and fauna. It is certainly a great country to cherish   the unique timberland experience. It is the topography, which is solely to be praised for the exclusive variegation of multifariousness present throughout the country.