Good News! Tiger Population in India is Increasing

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A good news is coming directly from the woods. The number of tigers in India has been increased, though the raise being reported is marginal.  There were 1706 tigers four years ago, and the figure has reached to somewhere between 1700 and 1800. Relying on a year-long survey, top government officials have corroborated this change in figures.

An official said “The data from some dwellings of tiger is still being collected; thus, we have not been able to reach to the exact increase in tiger population in 2014. But the initial proceedings have pointed towards a small rise in the population.”

7 Facts about Elephants That will Leave You Wondering for Days


Wow, you have memory like Elephant! I doubt if I would ever get that compliment but to come to think of it, this largest mammal on land is indeed a special living being. Elephants are huge with an average height of about 14 feet and weight as much as 5000 kgs. Their unmatched strength and intellect have always been the interest for researchers. Distinguished into two broad categories, namely, Asian Elephant and African Elephant, this large mammal is undoubtedly one of the biggest wildlife attractions. For centuries, elephants have been accompanying humans in several battles, expeditions and religious processions. Also, in a country like India, elephants are worshipped as a form of god. Like I said earlier, this gigantic animal is very special! Here are more facts on elephants that might leave you wondering:

Sighting of a Group of FIVE TIGERS in Corbett National Park

Tiger Corbett National Park

In what is being touted as the rarest occasion for tourists, a group of five tigers has been spotted crossing a trail in Corbett National Park. A wildlife enthusiast video captured those five tigers and shared it with us to let other people see what it feels to sight five tigers at once. Here is that video

Corbett Elated at the Sight of Striped Hyena

Striped Hyena Sighted at Corbett

A surprise visit of Striped Hyena has elicited happiness in Corbett National Park. According to reports, it is for the first time in the history of Corbett a Striped Hyena had been spotted. Ofcourse, a significant population of this species is recorded in Rajaji National Park; however it was unexpected to find this mammal in the forests of Corbett National Park, which made the authorities jump in joy.

The Striped Hyena was captured in the camera trap that was set in the southern boundary near Kalagarh. As per the reports, this guest was also sighted once earlier this week by deputy director of the park Dr. Saket Badola.  Elated with the visit of possibility of the striped hyena migrating from neighbouring Uttar Pradesh and even from the Lansdowne forest division of Uttarakhand.”

striped-hyena-sighted-in-corbettThe Striped Hyena is an endangered species and is listed in Schedule III of the Wildlife (Protection) Act 1972 as a protected species and as threatened species by International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) on the Red Data Book, with an estimated global population of less than 10,000 mature individuals.

After the discovery of the Striped Hyena, the number of mammal species in Corbett Tiger Reserve has gone up to 56. According to reports, the authority at the park has also decided to monitor the movement of the Striped Hyena. 

Dhela: A New Zone in Corbett National Park

Jim Corbett National Park Tiger

A good news pertaining to Corbett national park awaits all wildlife enthusiasts. For boosting tourism in the region, the government has agreed upon creating a new zone in the park. Dhela is the name of new zone, which will be open to tourists from 1st December. The Deputy Director of Corbett National Park said that there are now a total of six zones in Corbett. He also informed that the new zone, Dhela sprawls over an area of 1173 hectares and has been formed in a buffer zone.

Corbett National Park Reopens after Monsoon Break

With the reopening of the widely famed Corbett National Park on the 15th of October after a four-month monsoon break, wildlife enthusiasts have started thronging the park in huge number. With the intent of watching wild tigers roaming in the open air as well as several other exotic species of birds and animals, tourists have started booking resorts and lodges located nearby in advance.