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Pangot Tourism

Explore Pangot, nestled near Jim Corbett National Park, to experience birding adventures, great Himalayan views, and pristine nature.

Pangot is a picturesque town famous for its snow-capped mountain peaks and diverse flora and wildlife. This secluded Himalayan village in Uttarakhand provides visitors with a welcoming escape from the rush and commotion of urban life. It is an incredible paradise for bird lovers, with over two hundred kinds of birds that can be found here.

Pangot is filled with some of the most well-known tourist attraction spots, one of such is Corbett National Park, about eighty km from Pangot and is home to a diverse range of flora and fauna. Kilbury Bird Sanctuary, which houses magnificent bird species, is another renowned tourist destination within this area. Guao Hills and Naina Peak are two additional popular tourist spots that fascinate travellers with their picturesque beauty.

It has become a popular destination for photography enthusiasts looking for a remarkable close shooting experience. It has various streams that add to the scenic charm of the area. In the winter, the snow-covered oak and pine trees in this area turn the Pangot hill station into a blanket of white bliss. Pangot is also seen as a peaceful and tranquil location, making it an ideal honeymoon getaway. Pangot provides a wide range of adventurous activities for the tourists. Hiking, Trekking and camping are the best things to experience in Pangot for visitors looking for an adrenaline rush and seeking an unforgettable journey.

Town Pangot
Coordinates 29°25'25″N 79°25'37″E
Geographical area 1,980 m (6,510 ft)
Popular Activities to Do in Pangot Bird Watching, Camping, Stargazing, Picnic, Zip Lining, Trekking, Burma Bridge Activity, Sightseeing Tour, Rappelling, Nature Walks, Climbing
Languages Spoken Hindi, Kumaoni, English

Top Things to Do in Pangot

Pangot, located in Uttarakhand's Kumaon area, offers a variety of activities for nature lovers and adventure seekers. When it comes to Pangot tourism, outdoor adventure games which provide exhilarating experiences are growing increasingly popular in various locations throughout Pangot as people are looking for outdoor adventure sports and games in several tourist destinations of Uttarakhand.

Bird Watching

In the Pangot bird sighting area, more than 350 bird species have been observed. This small hamlet is a birdwatcher's paradise, with all year-long humming from resident birds and migratory birds exploring the hills. Because of the region's abundant flora, an incredible variety of birds call this site their home at different times of the year. The optimum time to come is from October to June, although birdwatchers should schedule their excursions between December and January when the bird activity is at its peak, or between April and May when the majority of the birds are in their breeding phase.

The accommodations generally provide excellent bird-watching opportunities. Furthermore, there are various enjoyable adventures through the terrace fields into the densely covered oak woodland. Trails connect the lodges to Timla Pani, Ggughu Khan, Kilbury Forest Rest House, and Cheena Peak. Visitors can be accompanied on these walks by professional guides. The two most preferred tourist attractions in Pangot for bird watching include:

  • Woodpecker Point (Dhar Pokhara) : This almost 2 km walk from Pangot, accessible from both the main road and an old British horse riding route, is one of the most consistent bird-watching locations in the area. It features a shallow pool (Pokhara) where one can spot brown-fronted and grey-hooded woodpeckers, as well as the dazzling maroon oriole and jewel-like blue Verditer Flycatcher.
  • Pangot Nala : This stream is open almost all year. After 1 kilometre of walking from Pangot to Kilbury, one will come to a bridge. Turn right on the walkway that runs upstream from the bridge. This is one of the great tourist places for a picnic in Pangot as one can cool off in the pools or perhaps take a plunge. Spotted forktails, long-billed thrushes, and brown wood owls are common.


The location's mountainous environment is perfect for a variety of exciting activities, one of which is camping. Pangot has a variety of camping options. Camping under the stars with the family and loved ones in front of a bonfire is an unforgettable experience. Pangot has various campsites where travellers can engage in a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, birdwatching, and picnics. Many of these campsites have tent lodging, which can be a fun and unique means to appreciate the area's beauty.

The Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, the Nainital Nature Camp, and the Pangot Campsite are all popular Pangot campsites. There are several campsites in the surrounding area, several of which provide basic amenities such as bathrooms and running water. It's also a good idea to pack one's own food and drink, as there might not be many places to buy supplies in the region. Bring what is required and take the essential steps to guarantee a safe and happy journey.


Pangot, a lovely village in Uttarakhand's Kumaon area, is the ideal setting for a wonderful picnic amidst nature's splendour. Picnicking in Pangot is a beautiful combination of tranquilly, natural beauty, and the chance to enjoy the great outdoors. Pangot has many lovely areas that are great for picnics. The viewer can discover the ideal spot for a picnic, whether it's a grassy meadow, a forested glade, or atop a mountain with a view.

The clean, unpolluted mountain air is one of the delights of picnicking in Pangot. The cold, refreshing breeze enhances the picnic experience, providing it an escape from the rush and commotion of city life. A picnic in Pangot is more than simply a feast; it's a chance to unwind and revitalise in the midst of nature. The calm surroundings and peaceful environment make it a great respite from the worries of daily life.

Kilbury is a famous picnic location with panoramic views of the Himalayas and forested surroundings. A cultural picnic experience can also be experienced by visiting local villages and eating a traditional Kumaoni dinner. Picnicking in Pangot allows visitors to connect with nature, relax, and make lasting memories with family and friends. A picnic in Pangot offers a bit of natural heaven in the Himalayan foothills, whether one is looking for a romantic vacation, a family gathering, or a calm solo escape.

Zip Lining

Pangot is a small village near Nainital recognised for its unique zip-lining trips over the region's gorgeous valleys and woods. Zip-lining is one of the most popular adventure sports in Pangot.

Sliding on a long wire that carries one high above the ground is an experience that will leave visitors feeling happier and more relaxed. Pangot Zip Lining surrounds guests with beautiful natural vistas.

It is simple, enjoyable, and managed by a team of specialists who are trained to guarantee passengers have the best time possible. Zip Lining allows visitors to feel the thrill of rustling winds on a rope while admiring the panoramic splendour of the surroundings. The exercise requires a great deal of courage and willpower, as well as mental strength.

Burma-Bridge Activity

This is a pleasant action for people who want to try something new in and around Pangot. The Burma Bridge is made up of a long rope connection that is hung from a height. The Burma rope bridge is a one-of-a-kind entertaining experience for adrenaline seekers looking to try something new. When visiting Pangot, visitors can take an adventurous stroll across the bridge while wearing a safety harness.

Burma Bridge is a rope bridge used for adventure activities. This activity requires a person to cross a river or valley on a Burma bridge. One end of the Burma Bridge is connected by a solid pillar or a strong tree. The opposite end is also tied in the same manner. Because the basic structure for maintaining the Burma Bridge is made of rope, when a person walks on it, the bridge slides right and left. This adds to the adventure and excitement of the Burma Bridge.


Trekking should be a must-try activity for anyone looking for the best things to do in Pangot. The trekking track runs from Pangot to Naina Peak and provides an unforgettable adventure. The activity is great for trekkers who want to discover the natural splendour of the Pangot Hill Station tour. Pangot is a fantastic trekking destination that not only provides an interesting backdrop but also peace of mind and tranquillity.

Trekkers, especially first-timers, will be provided with the required equipment and supervision. Trekking is a beautiful sport that allows people to explore the surroundings at a slow and quiet pace. Pangot to Naina Peak and Pangot to Corbett National Park are two well-known trekking treks. The trails range in difficulty from low to moderate and provide incredible views of the Himalayan range.

Nature Walks

Pangot has a variety of nature walks to suit different tastes and fitness levels. This town is surrounded by dense oak and rhododendron forests, providing the ideal setting for leisurely strolls. The beautiful vegetation, chirping birds, and quiet ambiance will captivate the souls of visitors as they walk around the nature trails.

Birdwatching is a popular activity during nature walks in Pangot. The forests are home to a rich bird population, so visitors can frequently spot different species while exploring the area. A refreshing feeling is created by the crisp mountain air and the peaceful sounds of nature. Nature walks are a great way to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and breathe in some fresh, clean air. Pangot's scenic beauty is a photographer's dream. Whether it's capturing brilliant flowers, fascinating patterns on tree bark, or breathtaking landscapes.


Pangot is provided with every daring activity, such as Rock Climbing, where climbers can delight themselves in uncovering the hidden dimensions of mother nature and taking a break from monotonous city life. Those who enjoy exploring sites covered in mountain settings should attempt rock climbing at this location.

The activity cultivates a true sense of adventure while also strengthening an individual's mental and physical strength. Climbing is a physically and intellectually demanding sport that puts a climber's strength, balance, agility, and endurance to challenge. Rock climbing is currently one of the fastest-growing sports, combining physical agility with problem-solving abilities.

Best Time to Visit Pangot

Pangot has a tropical climate all year, but the ideal time to visit the best places in Pangot is during the summer (April-June) when the temperature rises to quite pleasant levels. Winters here are exceptionally harsh, with temperatures as low as -8 degrees Celsius. The terrain becomes extremely slippery during the peak monsoon season (July-September).

  • Summer (April to June) : During the summer, temperatures in Pangot vary from mild to warm. Temperatures range from 15°C to 30°C during the day. It is a popular time for nature lovers and bird watchers to explore the nearby forests and enjoy the cool mountain air.
  • Monsoon (July to September) : In Pangot, the monsoon season produces moderate to high rainfall. Rain causes the lush flora to grow even more colourful, and the weather to cool. It is a peaceful time to visit. While outdoor activities are limited, it provides a peaceful and refreshing environment for people seeking isolation and tranquillity.
  • Winter (October to March) : The days are pleasant and clear, but the evenings are chilly. Excellent time of year to see the mountains and birds. Heavy woollens are recommended in Pangot during the winter. Snowfall is predicted for December, January, and February.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What makes Pangot so popular among tourists ?

Pangot is well-known for its diverse birds, gorgeous landscapes, and peaceful surroundings. It draws nature lovers, birdwatchers, and those looking for a calm retreat.

Q. Does Pangot provide any options for trekking ?

Yes, trekking is available in Pangot. Treks to surrounding sites such as Nainital, Kilbury, and Cheena Peak are available for visitors. These hikes allow visitors to discover the magnificent surrounding scenery.

Q. What kinds of accommodations can be found in Pangot ?

Pangot has a variety of lodging options, such as cosy guesthouses, eco-friendly lodges, and tented campers. These alternatives provide guests with a comfortable stay while also allowing them to connect with nature.

Q. Does Pangot receive snowfall ?

Indeed, during the winter, Pangot receives snowfall. Snowfall is forecasted in December, January, and February.

Q. Are permissions required for Uttarakhand treks ?

Yes, some treks require permits/permission from the SDM Office, Forest Department, LIU Office, and so on.

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