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Corbett Entry Gates for Safaris

One can enter into Corbett National for safari through 09 gates; visitors need to take advance permits to enter into these gates, timings are fixed to enter through any particular gate.

Timings to enter these gates :

Date Corbett National Park Visit Timings
15 Nov to 15 Feb 06:00 to 17:30 Hrs
16 Feb to 31 March 06:00 to 18:00 Hrs
01 April to 15 May 05:45 to 19:00 Hrs
16 May to 15 June 05:30 to 17:15 Hrs

List of gates from where one can enter into the forest area of Corbett National Park are:

1. Dhangadi Gate (Dhikala Zone)

Dhikala is the most popular and well-liked visitor region in the Jim Corbett National Park area. The Dhikala region is a popular spot to visit because herds of Chitals and Elephants can be viewed from the area, which draws a large number of park visitors. Dhikala Forest is recognised as the core area of Jim Corbett National Park. Dhangadi gate is the main entrance to the Dhikala forest zone.

Dhangadi Gate is around 19 Kms from Ramnagar city. Dhangadi gate is an entry point for clients going to stay in any Forest Rest Houses in Dhikala Zone as well as clients going on cater safaris. The safaris are organised by the national sanctuary, and the excursion is led by skilled specialists. Safaris provide a tremendous source of pleasure while also teaching us about various creatures and their environments.

This gate is open only from 15th Nov till 15th June, the rest of the time it is closed for visitors due to monsoon season, Timings are fixed to enter through this gate.

2. Amdanda Gate (Bijrani Zone)

Birjani Tourist Zone is a popular part of the magnificent Corbett Tiger Reserve. This zone has a diverse range of floral and faunal species. The zone is noted for its beautiful environment and is a tranquil location. This is one of the park's most tiger-rich locations. Birjani has a diverse landscape, with extensive Sal woods interspersed with meadows. This zone is accessible via Aamdanda Gate.

Amdanda gate is around 01 km from Ramnagar city, it is the entry gate for the tourist going to Bijrani zone for safaris as well as going to stay in Bijrani Forest Rest Houses. Morning, evening and day safaris can be done through this gate. Amanda Gate is the entry point for travellers from Kaladhungi, Haldwani, and Nainital, and it allows visitors to access the most diversified vegetation part of Corbett National Park, Bijrani Zone.

Amdanda gate is open from 01st Oct till 30th June and in the monsoon period it is closed for visitors.

3. Dhela Gate (Jhirna Zone)

The Jhirna tourist zone, located on the southern border of the Corbett Reserve Park, provides some rare tiger and sloth bear sightings as well as a stunning view of the wildlife-rich countryside. The Jhirna zone's geography is largely dry deciduous, with a vast Grassland (Chaur) known as the Laldhang Chaur. The zone's herbivores, like deer, chitals, nilgai, and elephants, love this large Chaur.

To enter the Jhirna zone, visitors must first get safari permission from forest officials, as well as hire a safari vehicle and a naturist/guide. Dhela Gate is the Jhirna zone's entry gate. Dhela gate is around 20 km from Ramnagar city, it is the only gate in Corbett National Park which is open around the year for visitors, visitors use this gate for safaris in the Jhirna zone of the Corbett National Park.

During monsoon advance booking of safaris can not be done for Jhirna gate because of rains, in case of heavy rains safaris can be cancelled on any particular day.

4. Durga Devi Gate (Lohachaur Zone)

The Durgadevi zone, located in the northern region of the Corbett National Park, has the most stunning terrain in the park. The amazing beauty of the Durgadevi tourism zone in the Corbett Tiger Reserve is defined by the mountainous topography, thick green forest, and extreme tranquillity. Since the Durgadevi zone of Corbett Park contains more wild elephants than any other zone, it is especially well-known for its amazing bird-watching opportunities and stunning wild elephant sightings. The renowned Mahseer fish inhabit the zone's river water, which is visible in the area's river channels.

Durgadevi gate is around 26 km from Ramnagar city, through this gate clients can explore the Lohachaur zone of Corbett National Park. The Lohachaur Forest Rest House in this zone provides a pleasant stay amidst nature's grandeur for people wishing to immerse themselves in nature. Tourists must get permission to access the park to enjoy a day Jeep safari or a night stay at the forest resort.

This gate is open from 01st Oct till 30th June. During the monsoon, it is closed to visitors.

5. Dhela Gate (Dhela Zone)

Dhela Gate is the entrance to the Dhela zone. The most recently established part of Corbett Tiger Reserve, the Dhela Eco-Tourism Zone, opened to visitors in December 2014. Dhela gate is around 20 kilometres from Ramnagar city and is the only gate in Corbett National Park that is accessible all year round. Visitors utilise this gate for safaris in the Corbett National Park's Dhela zone.

Dhela boasts 46 km of Jungle Path where one can see a variety of animals. Jeep Safari is available in both the morning and evening shifts. Only 15 gipsies are permitted to enter the zone every shift. Dhela Zone is home to a diverse array of vegetation and animals. The flora in the environment is a diversified mix of Sal, Rohini, Haldu, Bahera, and Kusum, resulting in a rich and dynamic ecology. Tigers, leopards, Asiatic elephants, sloth bears, and even gorgeous king cobras will delight wildlife aficionados. Dhela Zone is a birdwatcher's delight, with an amazing variety of avian species.

Safaris cannot be booked in advance for Dhela Gate during the monsoon season due to rainfall, and safaris may be cancelled on any given day if there is significant rain.

6. Vatanvasa Gate (Sonanadi Zone)

This is the only area in Jim Corbett where tourists can roam around, however, it is densely populated by non-venomous snakes of various types. Tigers, leopards, and elephants are popular animals in the area. Tourists can take a wildlife safari by vehicle around the Sonanadi zone, witnessing wild animals in close contact and admiring the enchantment of vegetation and nature. It is the zone where the Himalayan black bear and the Albino Cheetal have been spotted.

Vatanvasa Gate is located close to the Palain River and is accessible from Kotdwara through Dugadda. Formerly part of the Kalagarh Forest Reserve, it became part of the Corbett Tiger Reserve's boundary in 1991. The primary entrance to Corbett National Park's Sonanadi Range is Vatanvasa Gate. Visitors can spend the night in the Mundiyapani, Rathuadhar, and Kanda Forest Rest Houses, which are 40 miles from Kotdwara.

The Vatanvasa Gate is open from October 15 to June 30 and stays closed during monsoon.

7. Garjiya Gate (Garjia Zone / Ringora Zone)

The Corbett region's Garjia Safari Zone (also known as Ringora Safari Zone) is very rich in plant and wildlife variety. For those who enjoy animals, Garjia, which is 9 km from Ramnagar city, is the best location. Garjia is home to a large population of Royal Bengal Tigers, which provide an amazing sighting for guests. This zone, which is made up of buffer, tourist, and core regions, is accessible through the Garjiya Gate.

The greatest place in Jim Corbett National Park to go on a jeep safari is Garjiya Zone, which comes in second after Dhikala. This gorgeous area of Jim Corbett National Park is distinguished mostly by its river streams and expansive grasslands, including Chaurs and lush Sal forests. Two excellent lodging alternatives in the Garjia zone are Garjia and Malani Forest Rest House, where guests can have a nice stay. The Garjia Zone provides guests with the convenience of an on-site canteen and restaurant.

The Corbett Tiger Reserve's Garjiya Day Safari area is available to visitors all year round (depending on the weather). The Garjiya Ecotourism Zone is open for overnight stays from November 15 to June 14.

8. Teda/Pawalgarh Gate (Sitabani Forest Zone)

The Corbett Park's Sitabani Forest Zone is referred to as a landscape region and is well-known for its popular tourist destinations and nature hikes. Despite being a hard forest region and not being a part of the Corbett Tiger Reserve, Sitabani is exempt from the CTR's laws and restrictions. The Archaeological Survey of India oversees and protects the whole forest (ASI).

The Teda/Pawalgarh gate allows visitors to enter the Sitabani zone of Corbett National Park and is located around 27 kilometres from Ramnagar city. For those who want to spend time in nature, the Sitabani Forest Rest House in this area offers a relaxing stay amidst the splendour of the natural world. To take a day Jeep safari or spend the night at the forest retreat, visitors must get authorization to enter the park.

The Sitabani region has gained popularity as a walking destination among visitors due to its detailed depiction in the Hindu Epic Ramayana. According to the legend, goddess Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, spent a few days in the Sitabani jungle during her banishment.

Except for Dhela and Jhirna, practically all of the best safari areas close during the monsoon season; however, Sitabani Zone is open all year round. The Sitabani Zone is available to tourists from 15 October to 30 June.

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