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Jim Corbett National Park

Corbett, the threshold of scintillating landscape, tigers roar, trumpets in the surroundings and fresh lush greenery. These are the best description of India's first national park, the Corbett Tiger Reserve. Located amidst two major districts of Uttrakhand, the Garhwal and Kumaon in the Ramganga area, Corbett is the perfect destination for India Wildlife Tour especially to catch the glorious sights of the Indian tigers.

The park which was earlier termed as Hailey National Park and then Ramganga National Park; was established in 1936. But later in 1957, this park was christened as Jim Corbett National Park to dedicate it for the contribution of James E. Corbett. A hunter turned conservationist who believed in the conservation of ecosystem and wildlife especially the tiger species and to continue this tradition the park is also distinguished for "save the tigers" project which has today acquired the giant area of almost 1318.54 sq km.

Corbett Reserve has the explicit ranges of flora and fauna and so it is being distinguished; when nature lovers explore about 488 different ranges of plants like Bel, Chbilla, Dhak, Bakli, Pula, Bamboo,Semal, Khingan, Sal, Khair, Sissoo, Ber, Kuthber, Kharpat, Rohini. Along with that the presence of surprising elements of faunas by bestowing at least 33 different species of reptiles, 7 different species of amphibians, around 7 different species of fish and 37 different species of dragonflies can also be recognized here.

For a detailed and systematic Corbett expedition, the park has been categorized into major entry regions from where different safaris are available. Those regions are known through five different tourism zones namely: Dhikala, Bijrani, Jhirna, Domunda and Sonanadi.

Come and explore nature's best part that highlights the true Indian wildlife through amazing jungle safaris at Jim Corbett National Park. The tiger roars are calling you for a majestic view of India's precious predators during the months of November to June, which is the best time to make a visit. More...

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